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Karibu, or welcome in Swahili, to the new website of Friends of Kenya Rising. We are a new organization formed by the consolidation of Crossroads Springs Africa and Friends of Kakamega. Together we are stronger.

The Mission of Friends of Kenya Rising is to assist Kenyan students
and their families as they rise out of poverty.

Our FAMILY CARE MODEL is our holistic approach to assisting families as they rise out of poverty. Our five guiding stars which symbolize this approach represent Education and Scholarships, Basic Needs, Health, Agriculture and Livelihoods.


Education has always been at the heart of what we do. 18 years ago we focused on making sure that children went to primary school, and today we work to ensure students thrive at all levels of education from elementary school through university. READ MORE


For families struggling to rise above poverty, having a healthy home environment is very important. READ MORE


Good health is a foundational element of building a better life. We help youth & family guardians understand basic principles of nutrition, hygiene, and reproductive health. We also help families access medical care, and we provide special nutritional assistance to help families affected by special medical conditions including HIV. READ MORE


Agriculture is the most common occupation in western Kenya.We help needy families to sustainably increase their farms’ diversity and fertility, grow crops for better nutrition, and earn higher agricultural incomes. READ MORE


For families struggling to rise above poverty, a meaningful source of income is a crucial component of success. We assist youth to find a career that works, and we help adults start or scale small businesses that allow them to support their families. READ MORE



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