I grew up in Cohasset, Massachusetts and while still a New Englander at heart, I currently live in Richmond, Virginia. I work for Save the Children as an Associate Director for Communications, supporting early childhood development research. I’ve worked for a variety of non-profit organizations serving children and families, and lived in Kenya from 2010 to 2012 as a Program Manager for Flying Kites Global. I joined the Board of Directors in March, 2021 and I support the Development Committee with stewardship, grant research and data management. My family supported Friends of Kenya Rising for a number of years, and I visited the Care Center for one month in 2008 while traveling through East Africa with a friend. I’m inspired by the FKR’s family-focused work, which takes an individualized approach to the needs of families and children. I also love seeing the global partnerships, friendships, and personal connections that that are fostered through the organization.

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