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February 2021

The Kenya Rising staff regularly take pictures during field work, when they are out of the office conducting small workshops or visiting families and schools. To encourage great photography and to provide motivation for taking the best pictures possible, we on the Friends of Kenya Rising board have been voting for our favorite photos and in doing so choosing the “Top Ten” photos for each month. Because the fruits of our staff members’ work is informative and inspiring, we are not surprised that the photos they take are also informative and inspiring. As we share below the Top Ten photos from February 2021, we would like to voice our appreciation for all staff members’ efforts supporting students and families as they build a better future. Thanks to each and every one of the dedicated and hard working Kenya Rising staff.

  • #1a (tie)

    Sitting and studying outside her home. Photo by Ben Kevin Ouma.

  • #1b (tie)

    A boy at home picking up dishes and washing them in a bucket before drying them on the the utensil rack at left. Photo by Ronicah Kavesta.

  • #3a (tie)

    A family working together on their UKR-supported income venture, rotating bricks so they dry evenly before curing. Photo by Ronicah Kavesta.

  • #3b (tie)

    Selling fresh produce at her “green grocery” business that was launched with support from United Kenya Rising. Photo by Millicent Kavayi.

  • #3c (tie)

    A boy with his role model and grandfather, happy together at home. Photo by Ronicah Kavetsa.

  • #6a (tie)

    A mother keeps a careful eye on her income-generating poultry project. Photo by Dennis Mutimba.

  • #6b (tie)

    A grandmother proudly shows off her new crop, pumpkins, as she is harvesting them. Photo by Dennis Mutimba.

  • #6c (tie)

    Two boys from different UKR families at the same school; one is washing his hands with super-clean filtered water. Photo by Ben Kevin Ouma.

  • #9a (tie)

    An eldery guardian makes and sells baskets commonly used to carry maize, beans, and other farm produce. Photo by Millicent Kavayi.

  • #9b (tie)

    Three guardians from one of the farm training “cluster” groups, laughing together after one of their training sessions with a UKR agriculture officer. Photo by Dennis Mutimba.

  • #9c (tie)

    A young boy, new to the program, comes home from school and is slightly shy of the UKR social worker. Photo by Dorothy Shilwatso.

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