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January 2022

The Kenya Rising staff regularly take pictures during field work, when they are out of the office conducting small workshops or visiting families and schools. To encourage great photography and to provide motivation for taking the best pictures possible, we on the Friends of Kenya Rising board have been voting for our favorite photos and in doing so choosing the “Top Ten” photos for each month. Because the fruits of our staff members’ work is informative and inspiring, we are not surprised that the photos they take are also informative and inspiring. As we share below the Top Ten photos from January 2022, we would like to voice our appreciation for all staff members’ efforts supporting students and families as they build a better future. Thanks to each and every one of the dedicated and hard working Kenya Rising staff.

  • #1

    A young boy smiles at home in front of her house

    by Angela Misesi
  • #2

    A mother, daughter, and nephew pose together in front of their family’s new kitchen built through our Healthy Homes program

    by Angela Misesi
  • #3a

    A mother shows off her banana harvest before taking the produce to market for family income

    by Philip Ogoi
  • #3b

    A mother filling buckets with well water

    by Gloria Aluvala
  • #5a

    Morgan, one of UKR’s agricultural interns, inspects a supported family’s cow fodder

    by Fred Khaemba
  • #5b

    A mother with her family’s new latrine, built through our Healthy Homes program

    by John Otieno
  • #7

    A father and his two daughters in the family’s vegetable patch

    by Angela Misesi
  • #8a

    Children from a UKR-supported family playing mancala at home

    by Angela Misesi
  • #8b

    A mother and son show off the bricks that their family makes for income

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #8c

    A girl doing her homework after school, during a social worker’s visit

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #8d

    A father, who is blind, uses a machete to cut napier grass for his cow.

    by Ibrahim Murunga

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