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July 2021

The Kenya Rising staff regularly take pictures during field work, when they are out of the office conducting small workshops or visiting families and schools. To encourage great photography and to provide motivation for taking the best pictures possible, we on the Friends of Kenya Rising board have been voting for our favorite photos and in doing so choosing the “Top Ten” photos for each month. Because the fruits of our staff members’ work is informative and inspiring, we are not surprised that the photos they take are also informative and inspiring. As we share below the Top Ten photos from July 2021, we would like to voice our appreciation for all staff members’ efforts supporting students and families as they build a better future. Thanks to each and every one of the dedicated and hard working Kenya Rising staff.

  • #1

    A mother in our programs shows off samples of the fresh produce and fish
    that she sells as a livelihoods income project.

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #2

    A new high school student smiles as she finishes collecting her school requirements at the Care Centre’s
    “freshman admission day” held in late July

    by Lucy Khasoa
  • #3

    A family smiles inside their almost-finished new house, built through the Healthy Homes program
    which sees families collaborate with UKR by providing what they can while UKR, with help from our donors, provides the rest

    by Angela Misesi
  • #4a (tie)

    Heading off to high school, this student smiles broadly
    as her mother helps her carry a new school locker box full of studying and living supplies

    photo by Lucy Khasoa
  • #4b (tie)

    A girl and her mother fill a jerrycan at the rainwater-filled water
    tank they received from UKR one year ago

    by Ronicah Kavetsa
  • #4c (tie)

    Children standing in front of the new latrine that their family constructed
    with assistance from the Healthy Homes program

    photo by Angela Misesi
  • #4d (tie)

    A boy shows off the bricks that his family made and cured;
    after producing them, they sell bricks for income and also use them for home building projects

    photo by Electine Nasimiyu
  • #4e (tie)

    Agriculture officer Fred stands with a mother and her baby
    in a field that’s been intercropped with two kinds of indigenous vegetables

    photo by Fred Khaemba
  • #4f (tie)

    All 72 first-year high school students before they reported to their new high schools,
    together with their guardians, at the Care Centre’s “freshmen admission day”

    by Lucy Khasoa
  • #10a

    A family smiling their home together

    by Angela Misesi
  • #10b

    A family guardian with agriculture officer Fred,
    observing the family’s healthy cow as it eats

    by Fred Khaemba
  • #10c

    A village-based local “cluster” of guardians celebrating teamwork
    as part of their group training

    by Dennis Mutimba
  • #13

    Another local agriculture-training “cluster” group of guardians
    jumping for joy as they celebrate successful teamwork

    by Dennis Mutimba
  • #14a

    A family together outside their home, with the younger kids
    laughing hardest at a joke that was told to prompt big smiles

    by Lilian Kisienye
  • #14b

    Two brothers from one of our newest families in their back yard, surrounded by banana trees, holding up the new SunKing solar light (in box) that they just received, together with the solar light’s metal holder which can stand upright or be hung from the ceiling

    by Angela Misesi
  • #16

    A brother and sister sit together outside their home during a social worker’s visit

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #17

    Big smiles from two siblings enjoying some time together at home

    by Lilian Kisienye
  • #18a

    A woman cuts chapati before selling to hungry clients at lunch time; this is one of her several income-generating small business ventures that UKR has supported through training, encouragement, and modest start-up capital

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #18b

    A grandmother who cares for several young children stands proudly in front of her finger-millet crop; she is growing this crop, which is healthier and hardier than maize, for the first time after receiving training from UKR’s agriculture team 

    by Ibrahim Murunga
  • #18c

    A boy smiles as he sits on his now-full school locker box
    during “freshmen admission day” at the Care Centre 

    by Lucy Khasoa
  • #18d

    A girl packs up study and living supplies during “freshmen admission day” at the Care Centre,
    before heading off to high school for the first time a few days later

    by Lucy Khasoa
  • #18e

    Elizabeth, an intern for the new Rotary Global Grant agriculture business training program,
    celebrates as she shows off a successful crop of collard greens at one of UKR’s several village-based small scale demo farms

    by Electine Nsimiyu

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