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March 2022

Every month the FKR Board and Rafiki see the photos that the UKR staff have taken and vote on those that they like the most in order to determine the collective top ten favorites. Here are the top ten photos for the month of March 2022. Scroll through below, (or click on the dotted navigation), to check them out! If your mouse hovers over a photo the slide show will pause on that photo.

  • #1

    A UKR mother explains her roasted-maize business to agriculture intern Philip

    by Morgan Bala, agriculture intern
  • #2a (tie)

    Children playing, using an old jug as a sled

    by Lucy Khasoa,social worker
  • #2b (tie)

    A UKR guardian proudly observes her new cow shed

    by Gloria Aluvala
  • #2c (tie)

    A farmer demonstrates a napier grass chopper to visiting UKR guardians

    by Prince Katege, agriculture intern
  • #5a (tie)

    A girl washes dishes at home after lunch, before hurrying to walk back to school for more classes

    by Angela Misesi,social worker
  • #5b (tie)

    A boy straightens nails for re-use using the back of an axe, while his siblings look on

    by Ben Ouma, education department officer
  • #5c (tie)

    A mother receives two thermo-flasks so that she can sell hot tea for income

    by Ibrahim Murunga,social worker
  • #8

    A UKR guardian with the omena (like sardines) that she sells for income

    by Nancy Muyonga, social worker
  • #9a (tie)

    A UKR family together

    by Angela Misesi,social worker
  • #9b(tie)

    Delivering tree seedlings to two happy guardians

    by another guardian during a visit by agriculture intern Prince (at left)

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