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May 2023

Every month the FKR Board and Rafiki see the photos that the UKR staff have taken and vote on those that they like the most in order to determine the collective top ten favorites. Here are the top ten photos for the month of May 2023. Scroll through below, (or click on the dotted navigation), to check them out! If your mouse hovers over a photo the slide show will pause on that photo.

  • #1

    Checking out one of their new mosquito nets

  • #2

    Brother and sister at school

  • #3

    Women connect while waiting their turn at a UKR community eye clinic

  • #4a (tie)

    A mother maintains her dried omena fish business with a daily sunning of the stock

  • #4b (tie)

    Thriving kale, happy mother

  • #5

    A boy working on his family’s new chicken house

  • #6

    Family at home.

  • #7

    Maize coming up well

  • #8

    UKR guardians (and a boy in front of his father) receiving avocado and papaya seedlings.

  • #9a (tie)

    Two vocational students at the computer lab during school

  • #9b (tie)

    New mosquito nets and big smiles

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