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Gladys works tirelessly to provide for her six children. She started selling dried fish three years ago and saved enough to rent a small room and open shop as a M-Pesa mobile money agent.

Sharlet, Gladys’ eldest daughter, has been sponsored in school by our program since 2017. She is now finishing her third year of high school with fees provided by sponsorship. Sharlet’s older brother Brian has enrolled in a vocational course to become an electrician with help from our Education Fund, because Family Care sponsorship isn’t enough for his tuition as well.

Gladys’ M-Pesa agent business thrived in its first year and she earned $40 per week in profits. This money supported her four youngest children in school and helped Brian with rent and food near his trade school so that United Kenya Rising (UKR) only paid his tuition. Last December, Gladys’ business was robbed and she lost everything. Fortunately, with encouragement, business training, and a financial boost from UKR, she was able to reopen the business at a safer and busier location. Since then it has grown and she has also started stocking daily staples like cooking oil and soap. Sales are good, and Gladys is a dutiful saver and meticulous financial planner. A better future is already here for this family.

We are proud that through Gladys’ hard work and support from Family Care, this family has greatly improved their situation. Gladys’s family are on track to stand on their own and complete Family Care at the end of 2023.

BANNER PHOTO: The whole family together.

Gladys displaying the stock of dried omena fish that she sells from her shop.
Gladys and her kids in front of their home.
The family now has several goats, another income venture, thanks to the profits Gladys saved from her hard work.
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