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I have served on this board for several years as Treasurer, as part of the Finance Committee and Consolidation Committee. My first trip to Kakamega was in 2013 and the two things that struck me most were: 1) the enormous impact of food security and 2) the incredible value that can be had for our donations. The families in our program have, by our standards, NOTHING, yet they are happy and cheerful because they have food security. They are working hard to provide for a better future for themselves, through education and improved farming techniques, and have gotten themselves to the point that they know where their next meal is coming from. And between their standard of living and the exchange rate from the US Dollar to the Kenyan Shilling, our funds go 10 to 40 times further than here in the States. We have seen home renovations, including a new roof and kitchen and latrine facilities for about $3 a square foot! I dubbed it Extreme Makeover, Kenyan Edition. It is the magnifying of our resources that inspires me to serve on the board.

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