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Kays is the first person from his family to reach post-secondary education. His younger brother Joseph was originally sponsored in school through our program (and still is). When we switched to Family Care this young man Kays was also able to enroll in a culinary training program through our Education Fund. He is now employed as a chef with a Catholic parish, and received his first $100 monthly salary in September.

Kays immediately sent half of the money home to his grandmother so she can provide more for his three younger siblings.  This is a perfect example of how family members support each other and why we say with confidence that Family Care works.

BANNER PHOTO: Kays doing his laundry at home during a social worker’s visit.

Kays and his grandmother.
Kays back in 2021 at his vocational training center.
Kays (left) at work taking a selfie a colleague.
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