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Charles and Elphas lost their mother in 2019. Their father, Protus, had been working day-labor jobs in the city to provide for them but he returned home to raise his children when she died. Initially the family says they lost hope, with Protus explaining that during this time they encountered “total poverty.” The family was selected for our Family Care program in early 2021.

Elphas (now in fourth grade) and Charles (now in first grade) are no longer missing school for lack of uniforms, books, and fees. The family has moved from an old, crumbling grass-thatched house with a rotten roof to a new mud house with a durable leak-free roof.  Protus has also built a new latrine and washroom. The homestead was renovated with the help of iron roof sheets and bags of cement from our Healthy Homes program.

With agriculture training, encouragement, and inputs, the small family farm is now producing record harvests which means they can all finally eat three meals per day. Protus says the changes in their life as a family have been a dream come true. His children now smile and laugh in a way he couldn’t even imagine two years ago. He proclaims confidently that hope is restored.

BANNER PHOTO: Charles and Protus with part of their maize harvest as it dries in the sun.

From left are Elphas, Protus, and Charles. The worn-out motorcycle tires that the kids are holding are a common toy for children who “race” them using a stick for propulsion.
Charles at his school during a visit by his father Protus.
Protus holding freshly harvested mukombero roots from his farm, also known as “white ginger.” The medicinal plant is known to reduce blood pressure and provide energy (and libido). It’s very popular in western Kenya. Farmers like Protus who grow it are helping to spare the protected Kakamega Rainforest where wild-growing mukombero roots are illegally dug up for sale.
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