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Most online donation platforms charge a card processing fee, generally around 3.5%. Accepting card payments is a “cost of doing business” for retailers, and charities like us usually ask donors to add that small fee on top of their chosen donation amount. Otherwise we have to pay that fee.

But there is a new platform for charities called Zeffy. It does not charge a fee for card-based online donations, and instead asks the donors to voluntarily contribute to support their efforts to help charities keep all of their donations. That means we will get 100% of your donation through this platform. You can tip Zeffy as little as $0 for their services, or give the sometimes large amount they suggest, or anything else. The catch is that the default voluntary gift to Zeffy is usually rather high, but you can change it manually. Where you see a suggested gift amount at the end, for Zeffy’s services, you can choose “Other” and specify any amount you like. They are counting on some people to give their suggested figure, while others will opt to give their platform something modest or nothing at all.

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